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High School Graduation Requirements

​​​The graduation requirements for the Class of 2010 and beyond are listed below. For additional questions please contact your child's high school counselor or the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, 7-12.

High School Graduation Requirements
Class of 2005 and beyond

Core Curriculum Requirements

  • English -- 4 years
  • Math1 -- 2 years
  • Science2 -- 2 years
  • Social Science3 -- 3 years
  • World Language -- 1 year
  • Visual/Performing Arts -- 1 year
  • Physical Education4 -- 2 years
  • Health Life Skills5 -- 1 semester

Total Credits to Graduate: 220

Foot Notes:

  1. Including Algebra I. If a student takes and passes Algebra I in eighth grade, the student must still complete 2 additional years of mathematics.
  2. One year each of a Physical Science and Biology
  3. One year each of World History, US History, and Government/Economics
  4. One semester may be waived for athletic participation
  5. May be waived by parent