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Linked Learning Approach to Education

pic1.jpgIn 2013, Santa Rosa City Schools (SRCS) was one of the twenty Local Educational Agencies in the state selected to participate in the AB 790 Linked Learning Pilot Program. Linked Learning is an approach to education that offers high school students from grades 9 through 12 a rigorous academic curriculum integrated with a career focus and work-based learning opportunities in and out of the classroom. The program centers on the goal of graduating all students ready for college and career, and prepares students for the full range of postsecondary options.


pic2.jpg The Linked Learning approach incorporates four major components:

  • A rigorous academic component that includes core courses such as English, mathematics, science, and history.
  • A technical component of three or more courses that help students gain the knowledge and skills that can give them a head start on a successful career.
  • Students engage in job shadowing, apprenticeships, and internships, before they leave high school, helping them to understand all the possible choices available to them.
  • Personalized support services including resume and interview counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that help students master critical academic and career-based components of their education.


Linked Learning at ConnectEd  

Video: What is Linked Learning?

This video provides an overview of the Linked Learning approach.

(Follow Link to ConnectEd Website with Video)




The infographic shows the impact Linked Learning makes in students’ lives.



Montgomery High School (MHS) will be the first site to implement the Linked Learning approach, and will begin with the first cohort of students starting in the 2014-2015 academic year.

Students participating in the Linked Learning program at MHS will join a team of teachers and participate in an integrated series of core academic and CTE courses related to the environment and energy. Through this program, students will explore a variety of fields related to Green Technology, build awareness of the practices of good stewardship of the earth, and learn about careers that produce goods or provide services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.

Program courses that will be linked in the 2014-2015 School Year:

CTE Course Core Course Core Course
Sustainable PracticesEnglishPhysical Science


pic3.jpgBenefits of the Program:

  • Once enrolled, students in the program will take all of the courses listed above together; which offers a greater connection with their teachers and closer monitoring of progress to increase academic success.
  • Students develop critical 21st-century skills such as communication, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and teamwork that will increase their success in college and career.
  • Students are prepared for college and career options after high school graduation.
  • Students participate in work-based learning experiences; such as field trips, guest speakers, mentoring, job shadowing, and internships.


To learn more about how Santa Rosa City Schools is providing a Linked Learning approach to education please contact Debi Batini, Director of Career Pathways and Community Outreach at or (707) 528-5472.