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Transfers After The Open Enrollment Window

​​​​Transfers to a school not your school by address are done during the Open Enrollment. This happens once a year from October 1 until the Friday before Thanksgiving Break.

That process is how you move to a different school. If approved, that school becomes your new school and does not require year-year permit requests.


For Open Enrollment information please go this this page:

Link to Open Enrollment Information

If you are requesting a transfer that is outside this window, there are 3 circumstances that allow you to request a transfer:

1. Evidence of Bullying or Crime: Is there a verifiable circumstance in which the student is a victim of violent crime or bullying, as defined by Education Code section 48999(r), which impacts the student’s social, behavioral, or educational situation?

2. Process of Moving: The family is in the process of leasing a residence, purchasing a home, or constructing a home within the attendance area of the school the student is requesting and occupancy is set within a ninety (90) days’ time.

3. Unforeseeable Hardship: There is a verifiable hardship that makes the transfer necessary.

If your circumstance falls into one of these 3 categories, please fill out this form:

Request for Transfer After Open Enrollment.pdf

Please contact the S.A.F.E. office if you cannot download this form or if you have any questions:  528-5137