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Student And Family Engagement Office (SAFE) / Child Welfare & Attendance

​​​​​​The Office of Student And Family Engagement, (AKA Child Welfare and Attendance) is a specialized student support service that covers compliance with compulsory education laws, student admission and enrollment procedures, student discipline procedures, transfers to alternative programs, and school climate and safety. 

The Office of Student And Family Engagement combines the knowledge and skill of counseling with knowledge of education and the law to resolve complicated situations involving  school choice, student discipline, campus safety and programs for high-risk youth.

211 Ridgway Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Phone: 707-528-5137
FAX: 707-528-5107

Office Hours: 7:30AM-4:00PM

Quick Links:

How do I find my School of Residence?​

What is Open Enrollment?

How do I apply if I am not a Santa Rosa Resident?

Enrollment Instructions

Work PhoneTitle
Steve Mizera
Assistant Superintendent, Student and Family Services
Mary Ann Ayala​707-528-5137
Director I, SAFE, Student and Family Services
Kaesa Enemark707-528-5137
​Coordinator II, SAFE, Student and Family Services
StaffWork PhoneTitle
Silva, Yolanda707-528-5137SAFE Secretary-Bilingual