With the passing of both Measures I and L, SRCS has been given a tremendous opportunity to upgrade, replace, and add to both our technology infrastructure and to the technology being used in our classrooms. 

As we are aware, there is a great need throughout SRCS to update technology.  Our last major technology upgrades occurred in 2007/2008 with incremental site spending since that time.  Because of this, the majority of our computers are over 6 years old, run outdated operating systems, and barely work in some cases. Our student to computer ratio is very high. Access to our network has not kept pace with the influx of technology that we do possess.  Standardized classroom technology does not exist and varies greatly from classroom to classroom and from site to site. 

Thanks to the Santa Rosa community, we will be able to address many of our technology needs. Along with the implementation of new technologies, a large emphasis will also be on placed on professional development regarding the use of these tools in the classrooms throughout SRCS. 

Your Voice!

As SRCS starts these discussions, decisions, and projects, your voice is vital to our success. There will be many opportunities and different ways to be part of the process. From formal meetings, committees, focus groups, surveys, and e-mail, all information gathered will be used to make the best possible decisions for technology implementations throughout SRCS.  This is an exciting time for SRCS and we look forward to working with all stakeholders to make this successful! 

Technology Planning

  • Technology Committee
  • Site Visits
  • Grade-Level and Subject Area Focus Groups on Classroom Technology in coordination with the FMP
  • Surveys

Technology Goals - Initial (14/15 School Year)

  • Network Capacity and Access
  • Upgrade of current computers

Technology Goals - 15/16 and Beyond

  • Standardized Technology Tools in all Classrooms
  • Student Devices
  • Specialized Technology by Grade-Level and Content Area
  • Additional Network Capacity and Access
  • District Phone System
  • Safety and Security Upgrades
  • Additional goals will be determined during the Facilities Master Plan (FMP) creation and through our Technology Planning opportunities.


​Project​Start DateStatusCompletion Date
​Classroom Techology Tools

Select standard technology tools that should be in every classroom.  

​Spring 2015​Initial focus group meetings were held in Spring 2015 to start the process of determining the standard.  The groups that met were broken out by grade as follows:

  • K-3
  • 4-6
  • 7-8
  • 9-12
  • General Meeting for all grade levels.

These groups will reconveyne in Spring 2016 to further develop our standard for classroom technology.  Meeting dates and sign-up information will be mailed in early February 2016. 

​Infrastructure Project -
Phase 2

Broken into 2 segments - 
Transport - Replacement of current network equipment to meet the goals of providing adequate infrastructure to effectively use the network as tool for both education and business purposes.  This includes the remaining build out of our wireless network. 

Safety - New phone system to replace our multiple antiquated systems.  Bell, Clock, PA system for each room and campus locations integrated throughout SRCS.  

​TBD - Start Date will be determined after Board approval of the project.  Estimated Start Date - March 2016

​Preparing project for Board Approval in February 2016​TBD after Statement of work is finalized - Expected Completion - Summer 2016
​Teacher Laptop DistributionAugust 2015​In Progress - Laptop Bags and accessory cables are being ordered. 

Accessories - 3 of 4 laptop acccessories have been recieved.  Distribution will start week of 1/25/16 pending delivery of 4th item.  

October 22

Actual: Major Distribution of laptops completed -
October 14
Accessories​ - EST
February 12

​​Infrastructure Project -
Phase 1

Increase network access and capacity by replacing existing wireless access points and installing additional access points at all sites. 
​​October 14, 2015
  • ​​October 14 - Wireless controllers will be installed at the District Office. Controllers installed on October 14 - system working properly. New SRCS network displayed and will be made available starting week of October 19. 
  • October 19 - Site installation will begin. Tentative site schedule will be posted on 10/15
Nov 5, 2015

Oct 30, 2015

​Infrastructure Project -
Phase 2

Upgrade and replace aging infrastructure equipment including routers and switches. Replace phone system.  Build out of complete wireless infrastructure.  Increased network monitoring and security. 
​October 14, 2015
  • ​October 14 - Site walks to assess current conditions of wiring closets, network switch port count, and available power will begin.  This will help to further refine our requirements for the project.  
Summer 2016