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Santa Rosa City SchoolsSanta Rosa City Schools - Excellence is our Common Ground

From the Director


Final Special Service Presentation 2-24-16.pdf

PDF Special Service Presentation 9-23-15.pdf

pdf Special Service Presentation 4-22-15.pdf

SPECIAL SERVICES Update 10-8-14 Final.pdf

SPECIAL SERVICES Board Update 9-17-14.pdf

 State Special Education Task Force Powerpoint.pdf


CDE New Performance Measures

 State Board of Education Report 2-8-16.pdf

New CDE Accountability Presentation

 2015 CDE Performance Accountability Report- Elementary.pdf

CDE Performance Accountability Report - High School.pdf

CDE Special Education Page

 Schools College Legal Updates

Immunization Change memo.pdf

New Transgender Discrimination Law.pdf

Transgender Student and Facilities update.pdf

Special Education responsibility for charter schools.pdf

AB 1012 Course Periods Without Educational Content.pdf

16-2016 - Every Student Succeeds Act with Attachment (JEN).pdf

15-2016 - Students Participate with Gender Identity.pdf

New Vaccination Law Legal Update.pdf

SB 277 and Immunization of Special Education Students.pdf






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Wins for Special Education.docx 

Article On Principles for Access for All- CCSS access.pdf

District Special Education Meetings 

Next = January 28th Board Room  3:30 pm

Previous Task Force Minutes

Presentation-District Wide Meeting 1-8.pdf

District Special Ed. Mtg. minutes 1-15-15.pdf




Concern of SPED Staff 1-14-2013.pdf

Task force meeting 3-11-14.pdf

SPED Task Force 1-14-14.pdf

SPED Task Force 12-16-13.pdf

SPED Task Force 11-5-13.pdf

SPED Taskforce Minutes 10-29-13.pdf