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Speech - Language Pathologists




Janel Plack​, Program Manager

Tina Boaz, Lead SLP


For SLPs




​​Resources for School-Based SLPs​

Common Core State Standards - A Resource for SLPs​

ASHA Practice Portal for Speech-Language Pathologists

For Staff

Speech-Language Interventions from Pre-Referral Intervention Manual (PRIM):

Attends more successfully when close to the source of sound.pdf

Demonstrates difficulty with auditory memory.pdf

Distorts or mispronounces words or sounds.pdf

Does not complete statements or express complete thoughts when speaking.pdf

Does not direct attention or fails to maintain attention to important sounds.pdf

Does not hear word endings or key words.pdf

Does not listen to or follow verbal directions.pdf

Does not listen to what other students are saying.pdf

Does not use appropriate subject-verb agreement when speaking.pdf

Fails to remember sequences.pdf

Has difficulty classifying.pdf

Has difficulty differentiating speech sounds heard.pdf

Has difficulty imitating speech sounds.pdf

Has difficulty retrieving, recalling, or naming objects, persons, places.pdf

Has a limited speaking vocabulary.pdf

Is unsuccessful in activities requiring listening.pdf

Needs verbal questions and directions frequently repeated.pdf

Omits, adds, substitutes, or rearranges sounds or words when speaking.pdf

Requires eye contact in order to listen successfully.pdf

Requires slow, sequential, substantially broken-down presentation of concepts.pdf

Speaks dysfluently.pdf

Uses inappropriate verb tenses when speaking.pdf


For Families


Your Child's Communication Development: Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade

Learning More Than One Language

Twenty 5-minute Home Practice Ideas.pdf

Every student.  Every possibility.  No matter what.