Open Enrollment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Intradistrict Open Enrollment.

If you have questions, call the school your son or daughter attends.  After you have called the school, if you need more information call Child Welfare and Attendance Office at 528-5137. You may use this link for more information.

Open Enrollment

What is the difference between "Open Enrollment" and a "Transfer".


Open enrollment is the process to change to a a school of your choice that is not your school of residence. There is a window when this happens. The window for enrolling for school beginning August 2017 will open beginning from October 1, 2016- Friday before Thanksgiving Break, November 18, 2016.   After the application period closes, the district will conduct a lottery to assign a lottery number to each application. Students will be placed in schools in accordance with the lottery number on their application.

Will I have to apply next year if my Open Enrollment is approved?

No, an Open Enrollment transfer is permanent, unless the school becomes overcrowded or you decide to request another school.


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