IntraDistrict Secondary Open Enrollment

High School Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirements for the Class of 2010 and beyond are listed below. For additional questions please contact the Child Welfare and Attendance Office at 528-5137 or email: OpenEnrollm

High School Graduation Requirements Class of 2005 and beyond

Core Curriculum Requirements

  • English -- 4 years
  • Math1 -- 2 years
  • Science2 -- 2 years
  • Social Science3 -- 3 years
  • World Language -- 1 year
  • Visual/Performing Arts -- 1 year
  • Physical Education4 -- 2 years
  • Health Life Skills5 -- 1 semester

Total Credits to Graduate: 220


  1. Including Algebra I, If a student takes and passes Algebra I in eighth grade, the student must still complete 2 additional years of mathematics.
  2. One year each of a Physical Science and Biology
  3. One year each of World History, US History and Government/Economics
  4. One semester may be waived for athletic participation
  5. May be waived by parent

Each student will also be required to:

  • Complete the requirement for a specific pathway: Career, University, Specialized or Individualized
  • Pass the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)

Making High School Count

The choices your student makes in the ninth grade as well as tenth, eleventh and twelfth, will affect freedom of choice for the rest of his/her life. No matter what the future holds, each student must fulfill the graduation requirements of Santa Rosa City Schools.

As part of the graduation requirements, your student will be asked to identify a specific pathway that will determine his/her academic course during high school. A Pathway is a set of related courses serving an explicit educational goal to be reached upon graduation. As such, the Pathway entails requirements in addition to the core curriculum requirements.